South Jersey Irish Seisiun at the Treehouse

Where: The Treehouse Coffee Shop, 120 W. Merchant Street, Audubon, NJ 08106
Phone: (856) 547 3270
When: Every Thursday night from 8-10pm.
Format: 1st and 3rd Thursdays are "tunes" only sessions. 2nd & 4th Thursdays are tunes and songs. 1st Thursday (and rarer 5th Thursday) is a regular session, all other days are done "round robin."

Dennis and Kathy have been anchoring a traditional Irish music session for a number of years with a small group of friends. It has grown over the years and there's a friendly mixed-age group of musicians who regularly attend. Newcomers are welcome. The only requirement is a love of, knowledge of, and respect for Traditional Irish music. After 14 years at the 3 Beans in Haddonfield, we moved our session to the Treehouse Coffee Shop, which not only has great coffee but serves ice cream! Be sure to get there a little early in order to get a seat!

What Tunes Do You Play?

it's a regular session so you'll hear mostly reels and jigs, but you'll hear polkas and slides and an occasional hornpipe. Check out our page Dennis' Tunes, which has a list of tunes you're likely to hear on any given Thursday. An Irish session is not a "jam", so if you'd like to participate but have only been to a "jam," you might want to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and listen the first time you come so you can see what it's like.

What Instruments Do You Play?

The predominant instruments at our session are fiddles, naturally, but we have a heavy flute and tinwhistle contingent thanks to Dennis. Kathy is always likely to bring a harp as well and other harpers do come by but there are accordions and bodhrans and a guitar or two. Please, no Middle Eastern drums (which are great for Middle Eastern music but not Irish music), tubas or double basses! You get the idea!


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