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So you wanna play... harp, fiddle, tinwhistle, flute, guitar...?

You've always wanted to play music. So what are you waiting for? What's stopping you? Need a teacher? Dennis and Kathy are well-known local folk music teachers, as well as musicians. We teach music "by ear" so you don't have to learn to read sheet music in order to play it. We take great pride in getting our students to have fun playing music and learning to play with others.

Dennis taught anything with strings for 11 years at the now defunct Haddonfield Conservatory of Music. He now primarily teaches Irish-style guitar in DADGAD tuning as well as flute and tinwhistle. He's been teaching privately in our studio for more than 20 years.

Kathy has been teaching harp and fiddle since 1986 and is one of the great harp resources in the Delaware Valley, with her long-time involvement with the Harpers Escape weekend and the Somerset Folk Harp Festival. At one point, she had more harp students win and place at the Mid-Atlantic Fleadh Cheoil than any other teacher on the East Coast.

Harp Lessons and Rentals: the hardest thing about playing the harp is actually finding one to play. Kathy has a number of harps she rents to harp-less students to get them started. So if you've always wanted to play the harp, she just took away your only excuse. You don't have to read music to learn either (heavens, that never stopped her!). Call us to talk about lessons!

Even if we can't arrange something to fit your schedule, we can recommend someone.

Phone and fax: +1-856-795-7637

Mail: 11 Country Lane, Voorhees, NJ 08043-1179.
Email: Kathy(at)harpagency.com


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