An Luaithreadán

Learned from the playing of noted traditional flute Siobhan Moloney Kelly at the Irish Arts Week in East Durham, NY, July 2001. We later heard Kevin Crehan, grandson of composer Junior Crehan, at a workshop in Moorestown, NJ sponsered by Liz Crehan Anderson, Junior Crehan's neice. A favourite at the 3 Beans Session, where it is often played with The Sheep in the Boat and The Mist Covered Mountain, two more of Junior Crehan's compositions. Many thanks to Liz for introducing us to this incredible repertoire.

 An Luaithreadán is a composition of Junior Crehan, the great Clare fiddle player and composer of tunes in the traditional idiom. Junior often wrote short poems to go with is tunes. His neice, Liz Crehan Anderson, has this:

"As I sat by the fire with my son Paídín
A sudden change came over the scene
Down the chimney came a little man so old
And I asked him for his crock of gold
"No gold I have but this advice
And if you heed it you will be wise
Grow small barley and keep a pig
And play this tune '.The Luathradawn's Jig'"

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